REVIEW - Tcl/Tk Tools


Tcl/Tk Tools


John K. Ousterhout



O'Reilly (1997)




Nigel Armstrong


August 1998



This book is intended to provide some coverage of the various extensions to Tcl/Tk that are available. The author/editor, Mark Harrison, has selected some of the more popular Tcl/Tk extensions, but rather than writing all the articles himself, got the originators of the packages to write them for him. This has meant some variation in style and quality between the various sections. It is also not entirely clear who will buy this book. It is not quite a reference work, since there is insufficient depth of coverage of the various extensions, but at the same time it is too big and expensive to be a merely whet your appetite.

There is a CD included, but everything on that is freely available on the Internet. If you are a Tcl/Tk enthusiast who wants better quality guidance material covering the most popular extensions and tools and has enough budget, then you might like it. I wish I could be more enthusiastic, given that Paul Ousterhout, the inventor of Tcl and others of equal standing have contributed to it, but this is a book to borrow, not buy.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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