REVIEW - Java 1.1 Developers Handbook


Java 1.1 Developers Handbook


P Heller&S Roberts




Sybex ()




Brian Bramer


December 1998



This book is intended for the reader who already has Java programming experience and wishes to use the advanced Java APIs to develop real-world applications.

Part 1 reviews Java basics covering applets and applications, creating custom components using the AWT and portability issues (data representation, file naming and systems, platform look and feel, etc.) The AWT section is based on the Java 1.0 event model (the book was published in 1997 when many developers still used 1.0 AWT facilities in applications using 1.1 APIs). Part 2 'Advanced Topics' contains chapters devoted to image processing, threads, animation, I/O, networking, JDBC, object serialization and RMI, protocol handlers and the 1.1 AWT. The final part covers new APIs, i.e. Java Beans, JEFC (electronic commerce) and servets. The breath and depth of the discussion in parts 2 and 3 is variable, e.g. from 12 pages on JEFC to 104 pages on networking. However, the more 'important' APIs are covered in reasonable detail enabling one to get an appreciation of facilities and their use.

An solid (in mass and content) book which gives a good overview of the main Java 1.1 APIs; but not to level found in specialist second level books, e.g. on Networking, JDBC, Beans, etc. The descriptive style is good (the text contains highlighted 'Tips', 'Notes' and 'Warnings' giving useful advice) and there are plenty of relevant programs (available on the CD). However, this is clearly an early 1.1 book and looks very dated by mid 1998 standards, e.g. not covering the Java 1.1 event model until chapter 14. I look forward to a Java 1.2 version?

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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