REVIEW - VBScript Unleashed


VBScript Unleashed


Evangelos Petroutsos



Sams (1997)




Edward Crosby


August 1998



For a real easy to follow introduction into VB Scripting you could not do much better than this book. From its initial introduction into the language through to the more specialised subjects of CGI, security, dynamic web page building and corporate intranets the issues are laid out clearly and concisely with just enough detail to impart sufficient knowledge and understanding for the casual user. There are plenty of clearly illustrated examples backed up by the companion CD. Remember though this book is an introduction. For any detailed or specialist information look elsewhere. Do not have any illusions about using this book as a reference book. None of the later VB Script features added to IE4 are mentioned and as a consequence the book is already outdated.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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