REVIEW - The Complete Linux Kit


The Complete Linux Kit


Stefan Strobel



Springer (1997)




Ruben Galea


June 1998



This toolkit is an extensive introduction to the underlying power of Linux. It consists of two books and four CDs.

The first book, Linux Universe , is an installation guide together with two CDs containing the newest Linux kernel, version 2.0.25. This guide covers all the installation procedures as well as the basic fundamentals of Linux and its associated administration issues. A reference section lists all the UNIX commands accompanied by a detailed explanation of each.

The second book, Linux: Unleashing the Workstation in Your PC , introduces the concepts and features of Linux. It lists all of the currently supported hardware, its network capabilities as well as applications such as StarOffice 3.1. The graphical facilities of Linux and its X11 window system are also explained together with the necessary administration and configuration facilities such as user and group management, shells and daemons. An extra two CDs are included featuring an excerpt from the Sunsite archive and numerous utilities.

This book offers a complete startup guide to the world of Linux. The CDs only, provide enough room for experimentation. If you still have some money that you did not spend for your Christmas, then use it to buy this guide.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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