REVIEW - Object-Oriented Programming with C++


Object-Oriented Programming with C++


David Parsons



Letts & Londsale (1997)




Francis Glassborow


June 1998



This book will seem attractive at first sight. The price is excellent, the presentation plan seems to be better than average and this edition concludes with a chapter on object-oriented analysis and design including a case study in UML. You might think the latter guaranteed that the book was up-to-date. Unfortunately that is not the case. As far as I can see all the author has done is to clean up a little detail and tack UML on as an afterthought.

You will find nothing here about exceptions, namespaces, the STL or any of the other of the features of modern C++ that make it so much more than C with classes. The author spends a few pages on templates but that is about it.

This is one of those cases where you pay little to get little. Unfortunately this will be a popular book with students who are severely cash limited. That will mean that we will have another substantial group of people who mistakenly think they know how to program in C++.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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