REVIEW - C++ from the Ground Up


C++ from the Ground Up


Herbert Schildt



McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media (1998)




Francis Glassborow


June 1998



On the front cover we have two disturbing statements. 'Learn C++ from the Master' and 'Best-Selling Programming Author with More than 2 Million Books Sold.' Help! Mr Schildt is he is NOT a master of C++, not by a very long way. Bjarne Stroustrup could claim that title. Dan Saks, Kevlin Henney, Jiri Soukup, Sean Corfield, Andy Koenig and a few dozen others might do so. Being true masters of their subject they are well aware of their own limitations and would almost certainly decline such a description.

More than 2 million scares me. That means we have millions of ill- informed people out there many of whom are blissfully unaware of their ignorance.

That is enough. I really cannot face yet another Schildt book. Would someone else volunteer? We won't even charge them a review fee. Please do not volunteer unless you feel qualified to comment on the work of 'The Master.'

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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