REVIEW - A Pocket Sized Book of ANSI Standard C Functions


A Pocket Sized Book of ANSI Standard C Functions


E Trott



Trott ()




Francis Glassborow


June 1998



Finally I was sent the above privately published ring bound A6 format publication by the author/publisher. As he included no information about cost I have no idea about its value for money. It only covers functions (by the way, the pedant in me compels me to comment that it is ISO C - ANSI C is just the US printing and distribution) and not the other aspects of the ISO C Library.

A quick glance leaves me a little doubtful of its contents. The very first entry,

is correct as far as it goes but fails to say that it raises a
signal and calls
if the signal handler returns. That is information I would want to know because it impacts on exactly does happen when
is called. If anyone is interested or has the time to do a more detailed review for the author they can contact him on 01305 760 246.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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