REVIEW - MCSE - The Core Exams in a Nutshell : a Desktop Quick Reference



The Core Exams in a Nutshell : a Desktop Quick Reference


Michael G. Moncur



O'Reilly (1998)




Francis Glassborow


December 1998



If you are preparing to take this exam (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) then this book may save you from paying Microsoft for a re-sit after you fail the first time. A cynic might think that Microsoft first made sure that their products were thoroughly confusing and difficult to work with so that they could persuade the World that only expensively certified individuals should be allowed to install, upgrade or maintain your system. You might think that, but I could not possibly comment. Anyway if you need the certificate this book will help. If you do not need it forget the book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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