REVIEW - Software Reuse - Architecture Process and Organization for Business Success


Software Reuse

Architecture Process and Organization for Business Success


Ivar Jacobson



Addison-Wesley Professional (1997)




Roger N Lever


April 1998



Reuse is an important subject, which encompasses a number of disciplines such as architecture, process and organisation. This book aims to transform the software development process with component-based software engineering and a name like Jacobsen's adds plenty of weight to the cause.

The issues surrounding reuse are tackled in an holistic manner with sections devoted to reuse-driven software engineering, architectural concepts and notation (using UML the Unified Modelling Language), processes (create, use and manage architectural elements) and organisation (transitioning to what is described as the Reuse Business model). This approach reinforces and emphasises that reuse is more than simply reusing a code function, many streams of activity need to be aligned to be effective.

The presentation is clear and well written with a liberal peppering of advice that rings true with experience. For example; 'The absence of solid management commitment can be a major inhibitor to a successful reuse program. Commitment is demonstrated by vocal support, provision of resources for the program and managerial decisions to enable its progress'. Anyone who has tried to introduce reuse at a wider level than either the individual or team will appreciate the veracity of that statement.

Anyone interested in reuse from coding up to managing reuse will find plenty of substance in this book. This is one of a growing number of dedicated books but it is certainly a serious candidate for spending hard-earned money on.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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