REVIEW - Netscape ONE Developer Guide


Netscape ONE Developer Guide


William Stanek




Sams ()




Al Lines


December 1998



This is a big book - rather like Netscape's browser these days. The 'ONE' in the title stands for Netscape's Open Network Environment, the term given to encompass all of the technology used both within Netscape and by developers for Netscape products. The technologies included are JavaScript, Java, HTML, LiveScript, LiveWave and Internet Foundation Classes (IFC).

The main focus of the book is customisation of web pages, tailoring them to the particular user. The author shows how this can be achieved using a variety of techniques from ONE. The result is a serious study of what can be done and how to keep users hooked and returning to your web pages, with a minimum of effort.

The book is aimed at those with prior experience of web design, concentrating on the IFCs rather than HTML. You could find a fair amount of the content in a number of other books, as well as on the Internet. However combining with the wealth of good examples, having it all in once place does mean it is a good buy.

This is a good book. It's not cheap, but it does have a lot all in one place.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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