REVIEW - Learn Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Now


Learn Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Now


Chuck Sphar



Microsoft Press (1999)




J Crickett


December 1999



Not surprisingly, given the title and publisher, this book has the usual pro Microsoft slant, which seems a little unnecessary, since if you are going to invest this much in a book to learn about Visual C++ you probably already own MSVC++, or are buying this book for the copy that is included on the CD (The MSVC++ 6.0 Introductory Edition). That said MSVC++ 6 is my development environment of choice being a Windows programmer.

The book promises to introduce the tool (MSVC++), some basic C++ and then introduce MFC and its use. All of which it does, at a base level. With only a few offensive bits of code (such as introducing a string data type using

typedef char* string
. That is very close to total disqualification from my perspective. Francis As this is in the introduction to C++ chapter I really think it'd be more suitable to introduce the STL version.) The ignorance of a lot of the C++ is surprising given the quality of the reading lists the author quotes at the ends of the chapters.

The MFC coverage is fairly broad, but as such suffers from a lack of any real depth, the classes are introduced as they are required to create a Paint program that is developed throughout the course of the book. However, like most MFC related books it leaves you floundering if you wish to take it further.

In conclusion, a mediocre book, and at this price I'd recommend learning to use MSVC++'s help files and buying a cheaper, better pair of books on C++ and MFC.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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