REVIEW - Up and Running with C++


Up and Running with C++


Jan Graba



Springer (1998)




J Crickett


December 1999



Up and Running with C++ provides a quick yet comprehensive guide to object orientation and how to implement this via C++. That's what the back of this book says, really it's more like a quick and not very comprehensive introduction to C with classes.

I quite liked the way the author introduces several of the topics, others I didn't, for example his introduction of strings is more suitable for a introduction to C, not C++. The string handling throughout the book is all done using C library functions, not once is the C++ data type string mentioned.

For a book published in 1998 that introduces C++ I expect it to move on from C with classes and introduce some of the real benefits of C++, namely the STL which is not even mentioned in this book. Not recommended.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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