REVIEW - Microsoft Internet Information Server 2 Unleashed


Microsoft Internet Information Server 2 Unleashed


A. Knowles




Sams ()




Al Lines


October 1999



Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) has been around a while now. This book is evidence of this, dealing with IIS version 2, whereas the current version is 4. So the question is, what can this book offer to me?

If you are using version 4 of IIS, then not very much. Although the general principle of IIS and those that this book covers remain the same, a lot of the detail has changed. For these readers a newer book would be more beneficial.

For the rest of us, IIS Unleashed is still of value, as it does cover all of the basics of getting IIS up and running. There is also a wealth of information dealing generally with PC networking issues, such as setting up the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), VBScript, etc., all easy to read and follow. It almost seems like the details of the server specifics are an after thought!

IIS Unleashed can not be a recommended purchase really due to is age. However as a remainder book it is worth reading and having as a reference due to the quality and quantity of the PC network information.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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