REVIEW - Practical Computer Graphics


Practical Computer Graphics


Malcolm Richardson



McGraw-Hill (1999)




Francis Glassborow


February 2000



It is hard to characterise this book. The depth of some of the material makes it unsuitable for the casual reader. On the other hand most of the material falls short of what the specialist would require.

For example the chapter on fonts, typefaces and printing provides information about such things as anti-aliasing, Postscript, Truetype fonts etc. but nowhere gives you more than a general knowledge introduction. That is perfectly reasonable as long as the reader expects no more than this. However in chapter 7 we find a considerable discussion of problems such as that of drawing straight lines on a pixel based screen which includes some programming in Visual Basic.

I think the ideal reader is an intelligent and inquisitive person who lacks much technical background but is inquisitive and would like to broaden their understanding of computer display technology. If you want something to help you with developing computer graphics you will need to look elsewhere.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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