REVIEW - Professional Linux Programming


Professional Linux Programming


Neil Matthew, Richard Stones et. al.


Wrox Press (2000)




Silas S Brown


April 2001



This book covers some of the libraries, tools and scripting languages commonly found on Linux distributions and usually available for other UNIX systems as well. Knowledge of C and sometimes C++ and Perl, is assumed. The things covered are too numerous to list here, but include audio, networking, security, SQL, Python, debugging tools, documentation and distribution and GUI programming with Gnome and KDE.

It is difficult to include everything in one large book and the coverage is sometimes shallow, but it can get you started and pointers to further resources are provided. Although some of the chapters are written to develop a common theme, the book is still usable as a reference. However, it is not a comprehensive reference and some material is liable to go out of date quickly.

The text is well written (although the print is fairly small) and I believe it is reasonably accurate. I like the inclusion of a chapter on internationalisation, but was disappointed to find no mention of accessibility.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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