REVIEW - Special Edition Using C#


Special Edition Using C#


NIIT (Firm)



Que Publishing (2002)




Asad Altimeemy


August 2002



It's always worrying when you get a book without 'official' authors. It looks like the authors are too embarrassed to put their names on the cover of the book.

The book starts with the C# story, comparing C# to C++, Java, JScript and Visual Basic. Then there is a superficial introduction to .NET and programming in C#. We are told nothing with substance in areas like Delegates and Events or Exceptions . The reader feels rushed, hurriedly going from one topic to another, without the benefit of good examples or even a discussion on how you would use this new programming language. There are only 20 pages on debugging and 25 pages on Windows forms. There is very little coverage of ADO.NET, Web services and ASP.NET. It is actually meant to be a book on using C# with the above technologies!

In the introductory section of this book and repeated under the subheading is the phrase 'This book is for you'. It is targeted at programmers who want an in-depth coverage of C# on the .NET platform. Having read this book I must disagree with their opening phrase. For in depth knowledge you will definitely need more coverage and more discussion than is covered in this text. We are only taught how to use C# to develop simple projects. The book would only be suitable for beginners to C# with some knowledge in C++ or Java programming. The text fails to cover any topic in reasonable enough depth for the reader to achieve some sense of understanding and knowledge of C# and the .NET.Methodologies& Process

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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