REVIEW - C# and the .NET Framework - The C++ Perspective


C# and the .NET Framework

The C++ Perspective


Robert Powell, Richard Weeks


Sams Publishing (2002)




Asad Altimeemy


February 2002



This book is written for experienced C++ programmers who wish to learn more about C# and .NET technology.

The text starts with a good introduction of .NET framework, covering even the Managed Extension to C++. The reader is then moved to the basics of C# language. There is, however, only superficial reference at this stage, to the more advanced areas like Delegates and Events. We are told nothing about Exceptions. Next, the book moves directly to Windows Forms. Simple items, like adding a menu, are explained briefly. This whole section contains copious pages of code with very little explanation of any of it. This is all very unhelpful to a beginner in this area of programming.

The‘Web Technologies' section sketchily covers some of the new technologies like ASP.NET and ADO.NET. As in previous sections, numerous pages of code are in evidence. Again, these codes are not explained in any detail. The final section of the text focuses on Component Usage and its links to COM technology.

This book tried to do too much in very small book. And, as a result, the text fails to cover any topic in reasonable enough depth for the reader to achieve some sense of understanding and knowledge of C# and the .NET. The book is based on the‘Beta 2' and not on the final version of C# and .NET. The reader must be aware that there are already major changes from Beta 2 to the final release of C# and .NET.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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