REVIEW - Photoshop 6 Shop Manual


Photoshop 6 Shop Manual


Donnie O'Quinn



New Riders Publishing (2002)




Francis Glassborow


August 2002



As this is not a book about programming, I am not going to take much space telling you about it. However, if you have used Photoshop you will be well aware of what a very large application it is and may well have wished for a good reference book. I think you need look no further than this book. It covers the whole of the product in 26 chapters and 13 appendices. Each Chapter deals with a single topic. For example Chapter 3 is on Vector Tools. Each chapter is split into a number of parts. For example 3.3 is one of the fifteen parts of chapter 3 and deals with the type tool. There you will find comprehensive coverage of that tool followed by issues you need to consider and then by the options available when using this tool. Every section concludes with a list of cross-references to other items in the book. That last is important because it allows you to navigate to what you really want to know even if you start a little off track.

The sad thing about this book is that while the cover has a nice tactile quality, the binding is very poor and I expect my copy to start falling apart after even moderate usage.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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