REVIEW - Small Business Websites that Work - Get Online to Grow Your Company


Small Business Websites that Work

Get Online to Grow Your Company


Sean McManus



Pearson Education (2001)




Christopher Hill


October 2003



So you've got a domain and in your first flush of enthusiasm have a page or two on your business web site. So now what do you do - design it yourself? Hire a designer? Either way what do you want to achieve with your site? What are the bear traps that stop your site from effectively promoting your business?

McManus' journalistic style makes this an easy and enjoyable book to read. It is written for small business people who are new to this area. Yet as an experienced web designer I have found it a very useful resource.

McManus covers the whole gambit - from why do you want a web site; choosing domain name; offering great customer service online; keeping your site legal and ethical and finally measuring your website's success.

You will read many books that will tell you how to do each aspect of HTML, advertising, selling online, etc. but this is one of the few books that will tell you why you should prefer one route over another and what is wrong with those other routes. For example getting your friend to design your site may well be cheap, but will they understand your business needs, or use it as a vehicle to display how clever they can be with an obscure 6Mb plug-in?

A jargon-free down-to-earth review of the process of making the most of your business web site, packed with sound practical advice, written in a way that is accessible to a very wide readership. Highly recommended.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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