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James Gordon


April 2004



Well this is the first time I've done a "Book Review" on a piece of software...

The application allows you to run ten tests in either practice or timed mode. You can set it up to give immediate feedback as you answer each question and it also explains which answers are correct and why, referencing back to a Sybex Java 2 certification book's chapter for more information.

Each test consists of 65 questions, but as you are doing the test you have no idea which question you are on.

After the test it gives you a total score and a score per each section of the test. This allows you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, enabling you to focus your learning in specific areas.

You can review your answers for each test, seeing where you went wrong. Again my only gripe in this area is the list of questions only shows the first few characters of each question (about 20) and so it is hard to see what the question was. Also the list doesn't distinguish the questions you got right or wrong. For that you have to select the question.

All in all a very good application, but the only thing that distinguishes it from something you can download/run from the net is the history over time of your tests. Whether that is worth£36 is entirely up to you.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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