REVIEW - How Cool Stuff Works


How Cool Stuff Works


Ted Smart




Dorling Kindersley ()




Ian Bruntlett


April 2007



To coin a phrase, this is a "popular technology" book. It is hard backed, A4 sized and runs to 256 pages, lushly illustrated. It splits technology in to 6 chapters - Connect, Play, Live, Move, Work and Survive. Each section is split up into two page spreads illustrating a particular invention.

For example the "Connect" chapter covers the following inventions - Microchip, Mobile Phone, Fibre optics, Digital Radio, LCD TV, Toys Gallery, Voice Recognition, Pet translator, Iris scan, Neon, Links gallery, Internet, Video link, Satellite and "What Next?". The other 5 chapters are also as interesting.

To complement the main text, there is a slim reference section with a timeline - showing when certain things were invented, a "groundbreakers" section which highlights the work of key inventors and a "techno terms" section which acts as a glossary.

I regard this book as recommended reading for anyone interested in technology. If you like this book then read "Tomorrow's People" by Susan Greenfield.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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