REVIEW - 50 Android Hacks


50 Android Hacks


Carlos Sessa


Manning Publications (2013)




Paul Johnson


April 2014



Reviewed: January 2014

Highly recommended I’ve been developing for Android now for almost 2 years, always in C# so I was half expecting this to be another blah-blah­java-blah-eclipse-blah book. It isn’t. It’s actually full of useful information on how to get the best out of Android with the right amount of technical detail and well documented examples.

Each example has the version of Android it works from and each example line is commented with additional bullet points for each line, so even if you’re like me and only use the Xamarin offering with .NET, the code is accessible and structured.

The author also has a sense of humour which is essential in a book of this type which could have quickly become a dry tome.

If I had a spare couple of hours, I’d port the code over to C# for a wider audience, but when your schedule is a hectic one at best, I’ll just say that this is a cracker and deserves the shelf space.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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