REVIEW - Effective Python - 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python


Effective Python

59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python


Brett Slatkin


Pearson Education (2015)




Paul Floyd


September 2019



There is some sample content at:

I’m only just starting with Python, so my rating (3/5) is perhaps a bit harsh as I don’t think that this book is really intended for beginners. I’ve read a few other titles in the Addison-Wesley Effective series ( Code Quality , Code Reading and Effective XML ). Generally, I found them to be fairly easy reads with low barriers to entry. As with many books in this style, the book is organized into 59 ‘items’ split over 8 chapters.

Effective Python jumps very quickly from a couple of introductory items (checking which Python version you are using, read the Python style guide) to some definitely not beginner items like array slicing. This meant that I found it easy to follow some of the easier items like docstrings but for items like decorators and metaclasses, it was all over my head and I could only imagine the kind of introspection that they provide.

I may revisit this review after going though the online ‘getting started’ guide and perhaps reading a proper beginner’s book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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