REVIEW - C++ Lambda Story - Everything you need to know about Lambda Expressions in Modern C++!


C++ Lambda Story

Everything you need to know about Lambda Expressions in Modern C++!


Bartłomiej Filipek




leanpub (2021)




Paul Floyd


September 2023



Verdict: Recommended

Since I’m no better at lambdas than I am at templates, I was looking to get a refresher from this book, including the latest stuff from C++20.

The book is nicely presented. I liked the lambda syntax diagrams. A couple of niggles. There are a few typos (but they don’t really detract) and there are numerous mentions of use of WandBox but not always footnotes with links. I do appreciate publishers that make available things to complement paper books like web pages of links. The author does have a gitub repo for the book, so no need to type in the code.

It does read like a story. There are no recipes/notes/items. Instead, there are 5 chapters that cover callable objects and lambdas for each of the major C++ releases up to and including C++20. On the whole, I found the pace quite even and easy to follow, though I admit I was struggling a bit with the C++20 combinations of lambdas and concepts/constexpr/consteval and parameter packs – as much with the meaning as with the applicability.

Though I won’t be able to apply the C++ 17 and 20 features at work, I do feel that this was a useful resource for when I do encounter more modern snippets of code.


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