Charter of the accu-study-groups Mailing List

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The mailing list accu-mentored-developers has been created to provide support for ACCU members seeking to learn software development skills through a mentored team based project. Although this is not a moderated list, it is for ACCU members only, and is aimed at both novice to intermediate developers (students) and more experienced developers (mentors).

The list is intended to be a communication tool for the setting up of mentored project development teams. The actual project work should then be taken off list with regular updates made to the list as the project progresses.

For those seeking help with programming problems and for more general discussion we have another list: accu-general.

Messages should be no greater than 40Kb. Messages should be word-wrapped under 80 characters and sent as plain text containing no HTML or attachments.

Copyright, Licence and Intellectual Property

By default the copyright, licence and intellectual property of all material produced by a project team initiated through the accu-mentored-developers list is the exclusive property of the project team.

By submitting material via ACCU lists or websites a project team is, by default, assumed to have granted the ACCU the right to publish and republish that material in any medium they see fit. A project team who submits material to the ACCU for publication may explicitly offer single (first serial) publications right and thereby retain all other rights.

Page last changed 14 June 2020.

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