By John Merrells

Overload, 6(28):, October 1998


This issue Francis continues his exploration into the world of patterns. His recent foray has promoted both Aaron Ridout and Paul Field to author articles about their experience using variations of the Visitor pattern. As we discuss each of these patterns consider if you've used similar constructions in your recent projects. Theory should always be backed up with real world experience. So, do write in describing your problem domain and cunning pattern based solution.

C++ IS

The official vote on the C++ Final Draft International Standard (to make it an IS) was passed with 20 yes votes (the three other national bodies entitled to vote failed to do so). In the world of programming languages no negative votes is unusual, normally there is one national body that disagrees.

The ANSI C++ standard, ISO/IEC 14882-1998, is available for electronic delivery as an Adobe Acrobat document from the ANSI Electronic Store for $18. webstore.ansi.org

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