AGM 2014 Notice

The 26th AGM

Final agenda of 26th Annual General Meeting of The ACCU will be held at 13:30 on Saturday 12th April 2014 at the Bristol Marriott City Centre Hotel, 2 Lower Castle Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS1 3AD, United Kingdom.

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 25th Annual General Meeting
  3. Annual reports of the officers
  4. Accounts for the year ending 31st December 2013
  5. Election of Auditor
  6. Election of Officers and Committee. The Candidates are:

    Candidate Name Post Proposer Seconder
    Roger Orr Non executive member / Publications Officer Irfan Butt Sam Saariste
    Matthew Jones Membership Secretary Ewan Milne Martin Waplington
    Seb Rose Non executive member / Advertising Officer Guy Bolton King Alan Dobbie
    Chris O'Dell Non executive member / Study Groups Officer Joes Staal Martin Moene
    Robert Pauer Treasurer Hubert Matthews Roger Orr
    Mark Radford Non executive member / Standards Officer Chris Oldwood Malcolm Noyes
    Dirk Haun Non executive member Jim Hague Ewan Milne

  7. Other motions for which notice has been given:

    Proposal: That the ACCU discontinue the "Hardship fund" and roll this money into the general finances.
    Proposed by: Alan Griffiths
    Seconded by: Giovanni Asproni
    Background: The ACCU has been maintaining a “hardship fund”. This was originally created to support the memberships of individuals who could not finance themselves. However, there have been decreasing calls on this fund over time and nothing has been paid out for some years. (Many of the original reasons for "hardship" - such as difficulty converting currency are less frequent than they were.)
    Some donations to this fund come via a "donate" option on the website - we could remove or re-purpose this. However, the website isn't the only source of donations.
    Some members have set up standing orders that include both membership fees and a donation to the hardship fund and/or the ISDF fund. Asking members to change these standing orders isn't always successful - so, regardless of what we do with the fund, we can anticipate some contributions to continue for a while.
    The view of the committee is that this fund no longer serves its original purpose. We've asked for suggestions but none have been forthcoming.
    The approximate balance of this hardship fund is: £2,000
    If, as proposed below, this is moved to the general finances then the committee can still allocate funds to hardship cases if and when they occur.

  8. Any other Annual General Meeting Business (To be notified to the
    Chair prior to the commencement of the Meeting).

Giovanni Asproni
Secretary, ACCU

Initial notice is here.

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