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The currently running and past study groups and mentored developers projects can be found in the table below. More general information about study groups can be found on the FAQ page.

If you are interested in starting a study group as either a participant or a leader please post a message to the accu-study-groups mailing list. Subscribe here to accu-study-groups or on the study groups section on the mailing lists page.

Year Group or project Guide Subscribe Archive
Past Groups and Projects
2014 Thinking, Fast and Slow Chris O'Dell subscribe archive
2013 C++ Programming Language 4e Ian Bruntlett subscribe archive
2012–2013 JavaScript: The Good Parts
Access: thin/book
Chris O’Dell subscribe archive
2011–2012 Working Effectively With Legacy Code
Access: clean/coder. Blog article by Paul.
Paul Grenyer subscribe archive
2011–2012 Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests
Access: gees/goos
Paul Grenyer subscribe archive
2008–2010 Effective Java
ACCU Mentored Developers Effective Java Project Blog
Paul Grenyer subscribe archive
2007–2009 Functional languages
Haskell, Erlang.
Christer Löfving subscribe archive
2007–2008 Learning Python 3e
Ian Bruntlett subscribe archive
2006–2007 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Report in C Vu 18-4.
Thomas Guest
2006 Effective C++
Announcement message on mailing list.
Paul Grenyer archive
2002–2004 SI Units
Report in C Vu 14-4 , report in C Vu 14-6 .
Mark Easterbrook
Linux / STL
[Please provide information on this project.]
Paul Grenyer
Begin C++
[Please provide information on this project.]
Greg Haley
Modern C++ Design
[Please provide information on this project.]
Terje Slettebø code
2002–???? XML
[Please provide information on this project.]
Project report in C Vu14-5.
Paul Grenyer. ACCU Mentored Developers XML Project. Overload 62.
Rob Hughes
2002–???? Mentored Developers Book
[Please provide information on this project.]
Paul F. Johnson
2003 More Effective C++
More Effective C++ Item summaries.
Paul Grenyer archive

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