REVIEW - Requirements engineering - processes and techniques


Requirements engineering

processes and techniques


Gerald Kotonya, Ian Sommerville



Wiley (1998)




Edward Crosby


February 1999



Aimed fairly and squarely at the IT undergraduate this book aims to have the most comprehensive coverage of the requirements engineering process to date. It is divided into two sections. The first covering the process and theory, what is involved in requirements engineering. The second discussing the methods and techniques for carrying out the task. The former includes requirement elicitation, analysis, validation and management while the latter introduces the different methodologies and tools for formalising the process. A real life case study at the end brings the two sections together.

The book is clear, well laid out and with key points, exercises, references and a good further reading list at the end of each chapter, so the student is well armed for any coursework.

However, despite the aim of the book, it lacks depth. It introduces a subject but does not provide enough or sufficient detail about it. Consequently, it is good as an introduction but for a book concentrating solely on requirements engineering, I would have expected more detail. Any student wishing to specialise in this area should make full use of the suggested further reading and study it closely before making a purchase to see if it is what they want.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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