Beyond ACCU

Beyond ACCU

By Ian Bruntlett

Overload, 7(32):, June 1999

Standard C++ for $18

While you're at it, email the British Standards Institution ( explaining how they're losing out.

C++ Report

This (expensive for non-US subscribers) magazine has a new web site, with access to some articles. Well worth a look.


As well as C++ report, take a look at Byte's article archive.

Deja News

If you're stuck with a tough problem, someone else has probably discussed it online. So try Deja News (searchable archive of usenet news-group messages) and see what you get.

STL reference

Useful STL reference.

Linux Web Watcher

To keep track of recent changes to Linux-related web pages (including programming issues).

Free C++


Experimental GNU C/C++

Hardware upgrade info

These places may be of interest next time you upgrade your compiler….

This is a good place for news on chipsets and CPUs.

It has good explanations of current technologies. It doesn't have as much benchmark info as I'd like:


Well. I'm not a fan of the language but its got some very nice libraries/modules (have a look at Perl In a Nutshell some time…)

The Perl Home Page is a good place to start.

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

should be your next stop.

Open Systems

Are continuing to make their presence felt. Here are a couple of new sites:

Late breaking changes

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