ACCU Committee


Committee Members
Journal Editors

Committee Members

The lists below enumerate the members of the ACCU committee. There is a separate page with a description of the committee's posts and roles.

Name Email Role
Executive Members
Geoffrey Daniels Chair
Stefan Hagen Acting Secretary
Patrick Martin Treasurer
Matthew Jones Membership Secretary
Non-Executive Members
Roger Orr Publications
Guy Davidson Standards
Ralph McArdell At-large
Adeel Nadeem Publicity
Jim Hague Website Hosting Manager
Ian Bruntlett Reviews Editor
Non-Executive, Co-opted Members
Felix Petriconi ACCU Conference Chair
Daniel James ePub Editor
Bob Schmidt Web Editor
Vacant Positions Local Groups Advertising Study Groups

Journal Editors

Name Email Role
Steve Love CVu Editor
Frances Buontempo Overload Editor


Please note: auditors are separate from, and independent of, the committee.

Name Term
Alan Griffiths April 2022 - April 2024
Dietmar Kühl April 2023 - April 2025

Page last changed 02 August 2023.

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